$74.50 Palm Kernel Oil Certificates Last Price Traded
$1.20 Palm Oil Certificates Last Price Traded
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Market updates

  • ISPKE registered: 0
  • ISPKE redeemed: 0
  • ISPKO registered: 3,560
  • ISPKO redeemed: 2,309
  • ISCPO registered: 27,488
  • ISCPO redeemed: 16,859
  • PKE registered: 52,315
  • PKE redeemed: 4,225
  • PKO registered: 1,827,240
  • PKO redeemed: 1,448,834
  • CPO registered: 11,917,756
  • CPO redeemed: 9,381,338
  • Contribution to RSPO: USD$ 12,069,114.00

Welcome to GreenPalm

GreenPalm exclusively operates the Book & Claim supply chain option for the RSPO - Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil

The GreenPalm option allows RSPO certified growers to convert their certified oil into certificates, one tonne of certified crude palm oil or palm kernel oil converts to one certificate. Offers for these certificates are then placed on the GreenPalm Market

Product manufacturers who use palm, palm kernel oil or any palm based derivative and fraction in their products then place offers for these certificates, offsetting their physical oil with the equivalent amount of certificates. The claim can then be made that your company / product supports the production of RSPO certified sustainable palm oil. The full value of each certificate is sent back to the RSPO producer who can then reinvest this premium to help tackle the environmental and social issue created by the production of palm oil.     

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11 million certificates traded

Posted on 08/07/2014

Fresh Fruit Bunch

GreenPalm, the sustainable palm oil certificate-trading programme, has announced the trade of its eleven millionth certificates this month. The trade marks an important landmark for GreenPalm and affirms the programme’s role as a facilitator for change within the palm oil industry.

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ZSL's Sustainable Palm Oil Platform

ZSL Logo

ZSL’s (Zoological Society London) launched its Sustainable Palm Oil Platform in November. The platform provides information for all stakeholders in the sustainable palm oil supply chain. Bringing together a diverse range of tools & resources; including two case studies submitted by GreenPalm on the importance of smallholders and China, India. Click the logo to visit the platform....

Customer in focus

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    Oriflame is the first major cosmetics brand to fund sustainable palm oil production through the purchase of GreenPalm certificates covering 100% of the company’s total palm oil consumption.

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    Nice-Pak International is the first wet wipe manufacturer to show its support for the production of sustainable palm oil. As innovators in the market, Nice-Pak is keen to pave the way to a more sustainable future.

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    Nutrition et Santé

    We develop, produce and sell natural, healthy branded food products. And we consider sustainable development as an opportunity to foster progress and well-being for all.

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    Marks & Spencer

    We were the first retailer to buy GreenPalm certificates for palm oil use in all our products. By 2015, we aim to use 100% sustainable palm oil.

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    Herrco Cosmetics

    Herrco Cosmetics is a thriving bespoke cosmetics manufacturer, whose company philosophy is firmly rooted in utilising active botanical, natural and organic ingredients. Committed to developing environmentally responsibility throughout their supply chain,

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    seventh generation

    Seventh Generation is committed to becoming the world's most trusted brand of authentic, safe, and environmentally-responsible products for a healthy home.

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    Levo is a family owned company which produces oils, sauces and margarines. With the focus on the environment, participating in the GreenPalm programme fits right in the philosophy of Levo.

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Unilever’s commitment to RSPO sustainable palm oil

  • #Benso Oil Palm first to achieve #RSPO certification #Ghana inc schemed #smallholders help via @Solidaridadnetw http://t.co/8y9WLBU8Ip

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