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Small businesses given opportunity to support sustainable production of palm oil thanks to new GreenPalm membership package

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Small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across the globe are being given the chance to support the production of sustainable palm oil thanks to a new membership level being offered by GreenPalm.

Palm Oil Vials

The global demand for palm oil continues to rise and as that demand increases – particularly in countries such as China, India and Indonesia the need to increase support for sustainable palm oil production also grows.

However as economic conditions remain difficult across much of the current support base, with European  countries predicted to contract by an estimated 0.3%, supply chain option GreenPalm have opened the doors to SMEs who may wish to support RSPO certified growers in order to maintain and grow that support base.

The new membership package will allow smaller users of palm to trade up to 25 certificates per year on both palm and palm kernel oil markets – 25 certificates are equivalent to 25 metric tonnes of physical palm , at a reduced one of membership fee of $250 (Standard membership fee $500).

To accompany the new membership package and support those companies wanting to find out more about the RSPO and the available supply chain options, GreenPalm has also created a quick guide for companies within the SME sector.

Guide to Support or Use RSPO Certified Sustainable Palm Oil  

Find our what one of the worlds largest buyers of Palm Oil is doing to address the issue:

Unilever's path to Sustainable Palm Oil  

If you would like to discuss the options available to your company then please get
in touch.

Email: simon.chrismas@greenpalm.org Tel: +44 1482 333972 Mob: +44 7545 110102

Email: bob.norman@greenpalm.org Tel: +44 1482 332013 Mob: +44 7776 144731

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