$74.00 Palm Kernel Oil Certificates Last Price Traded
$1.00 Palm Oil Certificates Last Price Traded


We would like your help to tackle the environmental, conservation and social problems surrounding palm oil production.


Preserve biodiversity, feed the world, support GreenPalm

You can help us by buying products which bear the GreenPalm logo and by registering your support of the GreenPalm programme.

Adding your name to our register will enable us to prove to manufacturers and retailers that consumers care about palm oil. It will enable us to demonstrate what we firmly believe, that consumers will choose a product which bears the GreenPalm logo, in preference to one which does not.

Registering your details will also enable you to receive the GreenPalm e-newsletter and to add your comments to our GreenPalm blog.

Tweet your support!

We need to spread the word about GreenPalm and the RSPO, and Twitter is a great way to get the message out there. If you do tweet then please add your support by using the #greenpalm hashtag.

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